Friday, 12 February 2010

Productive MOM - Getting things done!

A big JazakAllah Khair! - to all of you that have welcomed Umuka!

This year will be full of action. Over the upcoming months I will be working with Moms on: re-connecting with your natural self; productivity and organisation; tips and techniques for home management; raising confident, happy kids; money management techniques and finding "ME" time and taking care of YOU!

All with the help and guidance of Allah SWT.

Hajar slumped in her chair, after yet another busy day; asking herself the all too familiar question - Where had the day gone? She wished had more time!

I ask, if Allah gave you a 25th hour what will you do with it?

Like a mad whirl wind, thoughts begin to swirl around in Hajar’s mind. While writing her virtual to do list in her head, and planning for tomorrow, she falls asleep from a tiring and exhausting day.

“I have to post that letter first thing tomorrow; get hubby’s appointment at the clinic at 4pm! Oh no! Jamil and Amal have got a karate class at 5pm. I will drop them off and that will give me a few minutes to pop into the supermarket to grab some bits for dinner. There is also the laundry and ironing, return a few calls…”

I am sure this sounds familiar - the never ending to-do list!

Like Hajar, we tend to produce very long ever-lasting lists of activities in our minds. We become overwhelmed and end up achieving only a few things; then everything goes back on our ever growing list! When the guilt-trip sets in – Hajar finds herself saying; “I should not have spent two hours on the phone with Aisha, I could have had the ironing done by now and cleared the book cupboard”.

The number one enemy stopping you from being a Productive mom – is trying to do too much – and thinking you are SUPER mom! – This type of thinking only sets us up for failure.

If this sounds like you, why don’t we begin to move you towards action. As a mother and a Mommy coach, I have discovered that the most profound and beneficial thing is to write everything down!

Okay let’s move to action

Start being the productive mom you want to see!

First things First! The most important thing is to keep all you write down in one place. I am sure you have heard of the famous saying “Not planning at all, is planning to fail!

I invite you to take just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to do the following:

· First, find yourself a journal, scrapbook, notepad, an electronic package like word, or whatever writing tool appeals to you!

· Begin writing everything and anything down on paper or your laptop etc,

· Now – write down the three most important activities you wish to achieve today! – knowing that accomplishing these activities will mean success for you.

· Finally celebrate your success! I normal restrict myself to no more than 10 items a day - its more manageable

Always adapt an open attitude with your list, be flexible – know that things could happen during the day – which means you have to make adjustments!

I will share my list (I have highlighted my top three activities);

1. Memorise three verses of Surah Baqarah for 30 mins; and spending a few moments in conversation with Allah.

2. Prepare my kids’ favourite meal

3. Sort a pile of paper on my desk

4. Spend an hour writing my book

5. Write a blog

6. Spend quality time with my four kids

7. Visit my friend who recently had a baby

8. Spend an hour arranging and finalising my coaching sessions over the next two weeks

9. Preparing for my upcoming seminar

Try it out for week and share your results with other Moms on my blog!

Let’s go do it! Always remain positive - because energy flows where the focus goes.

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