Monday, 18 January 2010

Allah’s Given Gift!

Motherhood a gift from Allah Azza wajjal.
Muslimahs tend to contrast their life with that of western values and beliefs – rather than investigate the formal Islamic bases of her status and purpose as a mother.

Nurturing and bringing up happy confident kids is Allah’s given natural gifts to mothers!

The reward and compensation for the most important job in the world – mommyhood! Is not always evident neither apparent in this world. Its most comforting and re-assuring that Allah will pay the salary of Muslimahs moms in the hereafter.

Abu Huraya narrated that a man came to Rasullah sallalahu alayi wasalam and asked, “who is more deserving of my companionship?" Rasullah replied “Umuka (your mother)," then he said “then who” Rasullah “Umuka (your mother)," and again he said “Umuka(your mother)," then he said “your father,” on the fourth occasion of being asked the same question.

Allah has exalted and exonerated the mother; muslimahs should humbly embrace the divine role in total submission and put her trust (Tawwakul) in Allah.

The concept and basis of this profound hadith has been the fundamental foundation for the birth of Empowering mothers to the 3rd degree a level above fathers!

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